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To Shine or not to Shine Light into Dark Corners

The meeting of a newly formed group in Titusville, The Titusville Planning and Partnership Meeting, to coordinate the completion of multiple public works projects this spring and summer is set for Thursday evening in the Titusville City Hall building at an unspecified time.  Members of the public, members of the Chamber of Commerce and the media are not welcome to attend. 

The information came out at the end of Tuesday's City Council meeting when Mayor Esther Smith asked those members of city council who will be attending the meeting to report back to city council as a whole on the meeting's proceedings. 

City Council members responded negatively to an editorial published in the Titusville Herald Tuesday morning and appearing on the newspaper's Facebook page late Monday night.  At the end of the editorial it was stated "The Herald feels that it is in the community's best interest that these meetings be opened to the public"

This after the paper consulted with a media attorney and citing the Pennsylvania Sunshine Law Act 65.

Stated on the web page of the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records is the following:  "The Pennsylvania sunshine Act 65...requires agencies to deliberate and take official action on agency business in an open public meeting.  It requires that meetings have prior notice, and that the public can attend, participate and make comment before an agency takes that official action"

The editorial was condemned by councilman Bill Adelman as "90 percent false" and "fake news".  Councilman Don Frazier said he "was disappointed" by the content of the editorial.  City Manager Larry Manross said after the meeting he would "not normally have an issue with the media attending, but now I do."  He declined an on camera statement, as did Mayor Esther Smith and other council members.  Manross did consent to appear on the Morning Drill program a future date to be determined. 

Also after the meeting, Manross explained there are multiple public works projects set for this spring and summer, many going on in close proximity to one another.  The TPPM is only coordinating the work to be carried out by multiple entities to minimize public inconvenience and to promote public safety he says.

However, the first meeting of the TPPM earlier this month or in late February included four of five city council members and two of three Crawford County Commissioners, a quorum in each case, discussing coordination of publicly funded  projects.

Exceptions to the Sunshine law included Executive meetings, personnel matters, labor negotiations, and legal matters.  The case of Smith v. Twp of Richmond held in that case "The supervisors' four closed door gatherings did not violate the sunshine act because they were held for informational purposes only and did not involve deliberations.."  Mayor Esther Smith said TPPM was not deliberating and not deciding.  In the Smith case it was ruled a closed gathering may be held "soley for the purpose of collecting information or educating agency members about an issue."

Manross also disputed the claim of Chamber Executive Director Emily Altomare that the Chamber  Transportation committee meetings resolved at least two local traffic issues.  In the Herald piece, Manross is reported saying the transportation Committee meeting dissolved into a complaint session accomplishing little. 





PennDOT Lifts 10-Ton Weight Posting on Crawford County Road

Oil City, PA – A 10-ton weight limitation has been lifted on approximately 10 miles of Route 198 in Crawford County due to structural upgrades that will enable the road to carry full traffic loads.


The section of Route 198 is located in Blooming Valley Borough, East Mead Township and Randolph Township, extending from the intersection with Route 77 to the Intersection with Route 27.


W. Mead Twp Couple Charged W/ Harassment

A 39 year old Meadville man is charged with Harassment and Criminal Mischief in connection with an alleged altercation between himself and a 32 year old Meadville woman.  Police say on Tuesday morning just after midnight a physical altercation was reported between Jeremy John Philips and Laura Mae Kissinger.  During the altercation Philips intentionally damaged Kissinger's cell phone.  Police say both are being cited for Harassment in district court.  Philips is also being cited for criminal mischief for damaging Kissinger's phone.

The incident took place at 21803 Golden Drive, West Mead Township, Crawford County near Meadville the residence of Philips and Kissenger.   


Woodcock Twp. Access Device Fraud Investigated

An incident of access device fraud in Crawford County Monday is object of an investigation by the Meadville State Police intent on solving the case.  The Meadville state troopers say 32 year old Damion McNelis of 15437 Woodcock Drive, Woodcock Township near Saegertown had a debit of $40.31 taken out of his account by what appears to be a bogus website, which was not authorized.  The investigation remains under investigation.  


Tuttle Stripped of Committee Seats, Vows to Stay Politically Active with PSBA

Crawford Central School Board member, Glenn Tuttle, stands divested of his school board committee assignments and as the board's representative to the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.  During a voting meeting of the Crawford Central School Board Monday night, cablecast live by Armstrong, Board President Jan Feleppa invoked her authority to remove Tuttle from chairmanship of the Elementary Curriculum  and Negotiating Committees, membership in the joint operating committee of the Crawford County Career and Technical Center and to pull him from representing the board to PSBA. 

The sanctions against Tuttle for violation of the school board's code of conduct come after Tuttle refused a written request from Feleppa to resign after several months of controversy created as Tuttle posted remarks on social media critical of then President Elect Donald Trump, calling for "making a America great again with a clean headshot," and terming those with political views differing from his as "trailer trash".  In the weeks preceding Monday's board actions, numerous members of the public have spoken against Tuttle's remarks at board meetings. 

The board, on all four actions, voted 7 to 1 with one abstention.  Board Member Frank Schreck, who defended Tuttle's right to speak freely voted no each time.  Tuttle abstained each time. After the resolutions were approved, Tuttle thanked Schreck for statement and those who supported him.  Tuttle also said he would continue to be politically active on the PSBA as he did not have to be a delegate to do so. 


The board approved  the appointment of Melissa Burnett as member of the Joint Operating Committee of the Career and Technical Center of Crawford County.  Also approved was the appointment of Dale Wood Smith to represent the board to the PSBA.  The appointment of Dan Sacco was approved by the board to Chair the Elementary Curriculum Committee and Jeff Rose was appointed to the Negotiation Committee.  


Text of Statement by Crawford Central School President Jan Feleppa

It is with profound regret as Board President on behalf

of the board I report that one board member Glenn

Tuttle disregarded the provisions of Board Policy 011 for

Governing  Standards, Code of Conduct as well as the

core values of the board by some his past actions and behaviors.

 Board policy adopted by our board on May 28, 2013 sets forth the Code of Conduct for members of our board which states (sic) a relevant part that it is critical for each board member to devote time, thought and study to our duties and responsibilities in order to render effective and credible service.  Furthermore Board Policy 011 mandates that we as board members should work together in a spirit of harmony, respect and cooperation despite differences of opinion.  Our board has strived to adhere to our core values of respect, integrity and teamwork as well as the provisions set forth in Board Policy 011 in order to maintain and improve an already excellent school district.

Unfortunately, recently some of Mr. Tuttle's past actions and recent behaviors have placed this school board and school district in difficult and awkward situations which have proved to be detrimental to the operations of both this board and the school district.  As a result the board believes sanctions must be imposed upon Mr. Tuttle.  In pursuit of that objective the board will be considering two resolutions this evening. 

The first resolution is to remove Mr. Tuttle as a member of the Joint Operating Committee of the Crawford County Career and Technical Center.  And the second resolution is to rescind Mr. Tuttle's appointment as the board representative to the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. 


Finally, pursuant to Board Policy 005, Organization in Accordance With the Provision of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised,  I as Board President have the sole right to remove members of the board from committees of the board.  Therefore, effective immediately, with the support of the board, I remove Glenn Tuttle from the Chairperson of the Elementary Curriculum Committee and replace him with Don Sacco.  Furthermore, effective immediately, I remove Glenn Tuttle from the Negotiations Committee and replace him with Jeff Rose.  


Statement by Crawford Central School Board Member Frank Schreck

We would not even have the United if people did not

have the right to speak their minds.  America has

become great over the past 200 years because we were

able to speak and act as our consciences dictated. 

For a government agency, which we are, to attempt to control the thoughts and voices of its elected members borders on a kind of government that is definitely not democratic.  We have no right to impose restraints on thinking and speaking.  The very purpose of our being here is to think and speak about the problems of our school district, not to condemn one another because of what a member has said. 

I may not agree with what a member says at our meetings, or even out (side) of the meetings (sic), but I have the right to speak my disagreement if I so disagree.  All of us have that right.  However, I do not have the right to condemn or attempt to silence another board member. 


What will our young minds think of our ability to deal with conflicting personalities?  (...unintelligible...)...or be ostracized.  How many young men and women have died to preserve this (....unintelligible...)?  Thank God we have people to defend us with different ideas.  Perhaps we should include Civics in our curriculum.  And I also thank the people in the community who have called me disagreeing with Mr. Tuttle's remarks as I do.  However, thanking me for sticking up for the rights of the constitution and people have fought and died for.


Statement of Glen Tuttle at Crawford Central School Board meeting Monday night.

I regret losing positions on a couple of committees.  I will

still be politically active on the PSBA.  I don't have to be a

delegate to do that (sic)...So thank you Frank (Schreck).

  I appreciated that. and for other semi (sic)

supporters...if you don't agree with what I say, I get it. 

But I thank those who actually supported my freedom to

actually (....unintelligible...) Thank you.  


BREAKING: Crawford Central School Board: Tuttle Removed from Elementary Curriculum and Negotiation Committees, Bd PSBA Representative Recinded

The Crawford Central School Board voted Monday night to removed Board Member Glenn Tuttle from his positions on the Elementary Curriculum and Negotiation Committees by a vote of 7 for, 1 against, 1 abstention.  Tuttle, by an identical vote, was also removed a the board's representative to the Pennsylvania School Board Association.  Board President Joann Faleppa cited Tuttle's disregard of the Crawford Central School Board Code of Conduct.  The no votes came from Board Member Frank Schreck who defended Tuttle's right to speak his mind publicly even if he did not agree with Tuttle.  Tuttle had been criticized by members of the community for his social media posts using such verbage as "white trailer trash" and "make America Great Again with a clean headshot" referring to then President Elect Donald Trump.  Tuttle thanked Schreck and others in the community who supported him and said he would remain active in the PSBA.  He said he doesnot have to be a delegate to be active in the PSBA.  

Earlier this month Meadville City Council directed its solicitor to explore and report back the process involved in removing Tuttle from his seat on the Meadville City Planning and Zoning Commission.  

For the full story be with us on Day Break News at Six on The Stream, Armstrong, and the Allegheny News Talk Sports Network.  





Titusville Moose Give $32 to 16 1rst Responder Agencies

Sixteen fire, ambulance and law enforcement agencies.  $32,000.  Two counties. And one local service club. 

The membership of the Titusville Moose Family Center #84 feels one of the best ways to give back to the communities in the area is to donate the proceeds of small games of chance to emergency first responders.  Indeed Pennsylvania law requires those proceeds benefit the community

Friday night,  the Titusville Moose Family Center #84 hosted 16 area first responder agencies from Crawford and Venango Counties and donated $2,000 to each organization with no restrictions on use.

In all nine volunteer Fire Companies, 4 Volunteer Ambulance Services, and one each paid police, fire and ambulance agency were honored for their services:


Bloomfield VFD; Centerville VAS; Centerville VFD; Chapmanville VFD; Cherrytree VFD; Emergycare AS, Grand Valley VFD; Grand Valley VAS; Hydetown VFD; Peasantville VFD; Spartansburg VFD; Titusville FD; Titusville PD; Townsville VFD and Townville VAS.

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