Active Aging, Inc. to begin 10 Keys to Healthy Aging Program

Active Aging, Inc. to begin 10 Keys to Healthy Aging Program

Linesville, PA –Would you like to know more about how you can take charge of your health and delay or prevent disease and injury? Everyone knows that following a regular diet and exercise program increases our chances of living a long and healthy life. What if you are only doing the bare minimum? It is most likely you are missing out on the full benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle.

 Beginning the first Friday of April, the Active Aging, Inc. Lakeland Valley Center will be holding a new class course for seniors over the age of 60. Ten-Keys to Healthy Aging will be held at the Active Aging, Inc. Lakeland Valley Center located at 237 S. Pymatuning Street in Linesville. The 10-Keys to Healthy Aging is a health promotion program developed by the Center for Aging and Population Health at the University of Pittsburgh and presented by the Prime Time Health program in collaboration with APPRISE counselors.  The workshops are designed to prevent illness, keep seniors independent and promote healthy aging.  The workshops inform participants about lowering systolic blood pressure; smoking cessation; participating in cancer screenings; getting immunized regularly; regulating blood glucose; lowering LDL cholesterol; being physically active; maintaining healthy bone, joints and muscles; maintaining social contact; and combating depression. Classes will be held though out the month of April,  starting on Thursday, April 6th, and continuing on to Thursday, April 13th, 20th, and 27th all taking place at 1:00PM.


For more information or to make your reservation for the calls, call Rhonda at (814)683-4959. 

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