Indivisible Members to Meet with Thompson

Indivisible Members to Meet with Thompson

By now many have heard about or seen in media reports protests, meetings and gatherings of those wanting President Donald Trump to release copies of his tax returns for the last three years.  There have been protests across the United States, some not so peaceful.

In Crawford County, at the District office of fifth district Republican Congressman Glenn Thompson in Titusville, this spring, two protests taking Trump to task are already in the books.

In Early April a loosely federated group protesting tax policy, environmental policy and a perceived unwillingness on the part of Thompson to meet with or speak to the protesters or effective representation of those with minority political views staged a stand in at the Congressman's  Titusville office. 

Tuesday, Tax Day, approximately thirty to fifty protesters from Venango County mostly, in an organized group calling themselves Oil Region Rising Indivisible We Rise, walked with signs and pickets outside of the building housing Congressman Thompson's Titusville office.  They also presented to Thompson's office staff with petitions and letters addressed to the Congressman.

We talked with retired Franklin attorney Ralph Montgomery who explained he and other protesters are urging Thompson to back HB 305 to have Presidents and Presidential candidates reveal their tax returns for the three most recent years and HB 356 to examine whether there was Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election campaign.

Oil Region Rising Indivisible founder, Mike Wilcox, a retired farmer says he was inspired in part by the April Protesters to really let their voices be heard. 


It is now known Thompson will meet with a small group of representatives from the Indivisible group Friday morning at his Titusville office.  

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