Tubbs Calls for Tuttle's Ouster from City Planning, Zoning Commission

Tubbs Calls for Tuttle's Ouster from City Planning, Zoning Commission

Former Meadville City Police Chief Hal Tubbs is calling for Meadville City Council have Glenn Tuttle removed from his seat on the Meadville City Planning and Zoning Commission.  This after Tuttle recently refused to step down from his seat on the Crawford Central School Board after increasing outcry from taxpayers regarding his social media posts in recent months.  One called for making America great again "with a clean head shot" in reference to then President Elect Donald Trump. 

In a certified letter from the school board president Jan Feleppa, Tuttle was asked to resign.  He refused.

Tubbs, speaking during a public comment portion of the Meadville City Council meeting televised live by Armstrong Wednesday night, said "His (Tuttle's) hateful, disrespectful and possibly criminal social media communications indicate he does not possess the character to serve or represent the city of Meadville."  Tubbs noted Tuttle refused to resign from the school board and does not have to resign from the Planning and Zoning Commission because he was appointed by city council. 

Meadville City Solicitor Gary Alizzeo told council there is a mechanism in place at the city level to remove a board or commission member for malfeasance, misfeasance, non feasance or other just cause...failing to the job to which they are appointed. 

He was directed by city council to research the matter as to whether the just cause standard application to personal conduct could be brought into play.  The removal process involves official notification to Tuttle who would then have the opportunity for a hearing before council which would ultimately decide his fate. 

Mayor Leroy Stearns said he has concerns statements like Tuttle's could impact decisions made by the Planning and Zoning Commission.


Councilman John Battaglia said "The planning and zoning commission makes important decisions.  People that make really dumb statements probably shouldn't be there making important decisions that affect our city."

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