1rst T'ville Housing Collaborative Deemed Success

1rst T'ville Housing Collaborative Deemed Success

You may remember we recently reported to you an informational meeting held by the Titusville Housing Authority and the Titusville Housing collaborative April 8th.  It was everything a landlord wanted to know about Section 8 Public Housing, but afraid to ask. Or might not have known.

At a meeting of the Titusville Housing Authority Board of Directors Tuesday, Board Chairman Terry Kerr Offered an assessment of the Titusville Housing collaborative first outreach effort. 

Kerr says the meeting was surprisingly well attended by over thirty area landlords and others.  He says the meeting went smoothly and members of the authority and the collaborative were pleased with the response and the questions.  Presenters even remarked they learned a few things too, calling the meeting positive and well organized and useful. And landlords went away similarly impressed.

Kerr says he hopes enough information will be generated over time to address housing issues effectively in the Titusville and surrounding areas.  He expects more feedback from Land Lords after their May meeting.


The Collaborative meets again today from nine to noon at the Benson Memorial Library to Hear from a speaker with the Crawford County Human Services Department to address how mental health and other issues play into public housing issues.  

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