Largest T'ville Paving Program Starts in May

Largest T'ville Paving Program Starts in May

There are ups and down to an early spring street paving program.  The up side is that , well, the paving is done early, a good deal can be had from paving contractors, and the job is done before summer time traffic and activities.  The down side is all of the preparation work a public works department must put in to prepare for paving like making sure risers are just the right height for example.  It mean some of those problematic axle eating left over winter potholes have to wait for a while before being repaired. 

Well that's the situation in the city of Titusville.  Paving is set to begin in early May and be completed by mid June.  It is the largest paving program ever in Titusville at well over half a million dollars.  City received half a dozen bids ranging to $600,000.  Russell Standard of Union City and Pittsburgh will be doing the job. 


We spoke with city manager Larry Manross after Tuesday night's council meeting, which by the way was the first held in the Town Square Building since it was badly damage in a 2015 fire.  

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